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NICC is a non-profit artists initiative run by and for artists, it is founded by professional visual artists in order to advocate their rights. Our aim is to set up a qualitative social framework within which the autonomous artistic practice can develop professionally.

NICC functions as a mediator between the artists and the government, art organizations, and other actors in the cultural field. In addition to a program of social actions, reflection, and research, the NICC presents an artistic program of lectures, exhibitions, symposiums, and presentations on contemporary professional practice.

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Elias Cafmeyer

Travaux Tunnel Aviation, Werken Tunnel Luchtvaart

08/10 - 09/01/2022


NICC is pleased to present Elias Cafmeyer ‘Travaux Tunnel Aviation, Werken Tunnel Luchtvaart’ on view from October 8 to January 9 in the NICC-vitrine in Brussels. 


There will be no official opening, but there will be a finissage.

(more about that later)


Rue Lambert Crickxstraat 1