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Michel Fran├žois

Michel François

« Borders  (in De Tempel)" could be the title of this exhibition in which a cage, covered with gold, is containing 420 metal plates which are the leftovers from the A4 cuts having shaped the fence around.

This « Golden Cage » installation has been developped in the north of Mexico, observing the migrants  stubbornness aspiring to cross the north american border and also projecting a goldish super value to the border in itself. 

One can say it’s the crossing of the cage which becomes the final magical purpose, because what the cage is containing is of low value, leftovers.

 In the same room the fac similé of a newspaper image is distributed. A fugitiv migrant has been catched wearing shoes on which he had stapled the shape of cow footprints in order to

deceive the police vigilance. 

Pretending to be an animal to cross borders.

« Arpenteur » is a video of a surveyor worm crossing a printed paper map. Arriving on the edge of the map the worm hesitates and finally decides to keep on moving on the margin, untill the corner where he finally ‘jump » onto the table, under the map.

This show was curated by Guillaume Bijl