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Ben Benaouisse

Ben Benaouisse

1 BIRTH OF THE DADA SPIRIT New York / Barcelona 1913
2 DADA in Zurich 1916
3 DADA in Berlin 1917
4 DADA in Paris 1919
5 Decline and death of DADA Paris 1921-1923
6 DADA in Brussels 2020

From 1921 on, DADA disappeared in Paris. Three years of suffering between 1921 and 1923. One hundred years later, except for one year, DADA returned to Brussels with a premature child. A necessary birth given the current situation in the art sector. Let us celebrate this with "DADA in Brussels 2020".

"DADA in Brussels 2020" is an immaterial exhibition. It is on the one hand about immaterial arts, in which Ben Benaouisse tries to develop a practice to manifest the immaterial through materiality, and on the other hand about the creation of exhibition formats and contexts as "immaterial works of art" in themselves, in which his own artistic work enters into dialogue with various expertises on urgent social themes. This is not so much about curating works by other artists, but about creating artistic connections in which one's own creations and the world are central.

Program Opening Weekend:
15.10 In the NICC vitrine
From 20h onwards

16.10 Outside the NICC vitrine
With actions in the public space and on social media on the occasion of International Day of Resistance against Poverty.

17.10 Behind the NICC vitrine
Start of the " Atelier for immaterial arts " during the time of expo.

For those who are interested can always make an appointment with Ben for an individual conversation during the whole period of the exhibition in the NICC vitrine: